AKtion Club of Rutland Area

A Club for those with Developmental Differences

Welcome To the Aktion Club of Rutland, VT!

Working in association with the Kiwanis Club, the AKtion Club of Rutland County shares the mission to provide adults with disabilities an opportunity to develop initiative, leadership skills and to serve their communities.

Our vision is to develop competent, capable, caring leaders through the vehicle of service.

Through the AKtion Club of Rutland County members develop leadership and teamwork skills while servicing their communities in various ways. From writing cards to wounded troops, to running a bottle drive to raise funds for presents for children in need, the AKtion Club of Rutland County makes sure to service all facets of the Rutland community.

Events! ARC Rutland Area Link!

Checkout our upcoming events page to get a look at the calendar, and photos, of AKtion Club of the Rutland County, and ARC Rutland Area events in Rutland!

Here is a link to the ARC Rutland Area website to get an idea of what other events are being offered, as well as a link to the ARC Rutland Area Facebook page.

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